Duchess Vimala is the ruler of the duchy of Niyati. It occupies much of northeastern Thyatis. The Serpent’s Tail, the largest river in the empire, spans from a spring in the ducal seat all the way out to the Eastern Sea, and forms a natural and much-needed boundary between Niyati and Orduval.

Dimapur and Mathura are its two largest baronies, with three more marginal baronies. Corellon and Erathis are the most popular deities, while Pelor also enjoys a significant following. The ducal seat is a very wealthy trading city with a high population of elves and half-elves. They make many fine tools and art objects, as well as a rich supply of textiles, but they also have very strange ways that are difficult for outsiders to understand. The Niyati nobles believe they were chosen by Erathis to lead their people, and have a strict caste hierarchy that determines social rank, acceptable mates, and much more. Further to the Northeast, beyond the Imperial bounds, lie the Broken Isles, a constellation of large islands inhabited by hostile lizardfolk.

Niyati has a rich tradition of talented crafting guilds, and makes a lot of money refining raw goods from foreign duchies. Its close-knit guild of traders are known far and wide as canny and resourceful, with lines of credit reaching in the hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, it spends much of this wealth on training healers and foodstuffs. Its lush jungles and frequently-flooding Felfarren are breeding grounds for plague and vermin, making agriculture difficult to sustain.

Niyati also harbors a vicious, generations-old feud with House Orduval. Much that goes wrong in Niyati lands is blamed on Orduval, and vice versa. So much bad blood has been spilled on both sides that it seems unlikely an accord will ever be reached; for now, the Felfarren and the Imperial Guard ensure that open war does not break out between the duchies.


Facing the Faceless Amphiprison