Eldmere is a barony of Westdale, in northwestern Thyatis. It was built on the ruins of the capital of ancient Altmere, the dragonborn kingdom, and currently functions as a vital trading post and stopping-point for caravans traveling to Westdale City.

Eldmere is home to a significant Pelorite population, whose church operates one of the largest asylums in the empire. They also guard one of the few functioning portals in Thyatis and run a local inn, the Shining Beacon.

Nynaeve, the captain of the guard, is a well-liked woman who commands a disciplined and loyal garrison. Deathspeaker Ven is the town’s most recent caretaker for the temple of the Raven Queen.

The town has had a few problems with Trollblood goblins raiding its trade caravans, although that has hopefully decreased thanks to an agreement between the Trollblood tribe and the party. Namely, the party agreed to convince Grubbak to protect the tribe if the tribe stopped raiding the caravans.


Facing the Faceless Amphiprison