Deathspeaker Ven

Human Acolyte of the Raven Queen


Deathspeaker Ven moved to Riverhome with his Deserethi parents early in life. While there, he saw much death and associated suffering, and became a cleric of the Raven Queen to help comfort people in their time of grief. He has been inspired by the heroics of Bara’zael Ra’ghaz to the point of violating Deathspeaker tenets to publicly defend Bara’zael and his friends in court.

Since the court appearance, it was suggested to Ven that his talents were needed somewhere outside of Riverhome. Knowing that if he stayed, he would face legal retribution, he agreed to found a new temple in Eldmere, on his own. It has been difficult and trying, and Ven is not the most evangelical follower of the Raven Queen, but the temple in Eldmere is beginning to get off the ground with support from the local dragonborn clans.

Deathspeaker Ven

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