Meeka Fuddlesplug

Dashing rogue with many secrets


Current Ability Scores

STR 15 CON 12 DEX 18 INT 12 WIS 11 CHA 16

Current Feats

Skill Training (Perception) Skill Training (Arcana) Back-Stabber Ritual Caster Blade Opportunist


Beginnings in the Feywild Meeka’s true parentage is currently unknown to her. Her parents were gnomes Mibbito and Wimtwiss. The devoted pair had a splendid earthen home beneath the roots of an ancient Rhizophora tree in the Feywild. While most of their community spent its days in idle mirth and amusement amidst the vivid arcane beauty, Mibbito and Wimtwiss worked tirelessly. They were two of a select few (Order of the Cerulean Sign) responsible for monitoring and maintaining complex portals between the plains. They spent their days writing sapphire-blue glyphs into the fabric of existence, protecting fellow fey from unwanted interlopers. After years of devoted partnership, the two gnomes conceived. Instead of the typical litter of two to four, Mibbito and Wimtwiss became the parents of a single female. They named their beloved infant Elliejomottin, and carried her with them on their daily excursions through the Feywild. When Elliejomottin was only a few weeks old, some of the Order of the Cerulean Sign began to notice disturbances throughout the Feywild. Mibbito, Wimtwiss, and their fellow Cerulean Sign members discovered new and broken portals. There was a taint – a scourge – stealthily overtaking the otherwise radiant, arcane, countryside. Finally The Great Old Ones made themselves visable as they violently tore through the Feywild. While many hid in order to spare their lives, Mibbito and Wimtwiss bravely continued working the portals in an attempt to stem the tide of the Old Ones’ onslaught. They were ambushed by the great evil while trying to close the portals. They quickly opened a tiny portal to drop wee Elliejomottin through, that she might be saved.

Life Among Halflings Boosie Fuddlesplug of the Fuddlesplug clan – proud descendant of the Wimblespire and Thumblefoot clans – was the middle-aged mother of eleven, a warm-hearted matriarch of her clan. One day while carrying water from the river, she came across a small female infant, unbundled and crying/hissing. Boosie brought the baby to her husband, Warlick, who was at first less than pleased with the discovery. However, Boosie fell in love with the child and became a loving mother of twelve. (Warlick knew as well as anyone that there was no arguing with Boosie over matters of family.) Together, they named the baby girl Meeka Fuddlesplug. Despite her parents’ knowledge that their child was a different race – perhaps not even of this plane – they raised her as a halfling. As far as her siblings and community were concerned, Meeka was just an ugly duckling. She was immersed in halfling culture, tradition, and lore from the moment she could crawl.

As a child, many of her halfling siblings, cousins, and friends could be cruel. She shared their interest for collecting and hoarding trinkets, but not in the same way. She had a distinct predilection for natural things rather than metal coins and paper notes. (A playmate once tricked her out of two silver in exchange for a pine cone – something she had never before seen in the deciduous landscapes traveled by her caravan.) Children made fun of her black eyes, her pointy teeth, and slight frame. Her mother always told her that she was special, and that the gods made her for great things. Her black eyes were for seeing in the dark better than other halflings. Her physique made her all the more stealthier and beautiful, her mother would say.

One day when Meeka was nearly of age, she received a startling visit. Meeka was well away from camp, gathering freshwater clams by the river. Out of nowhere a gnome approached. All the gnome (Jadeoln) said was that Meeka had a unique ability. Jadeoln opened Meeka’s eyes to sapphire-blue glyphs and the fabric of existence around her. Jadeoln showed Meeka how she could recognize and command these portals with an intrinsic knowledge of the arcane. The encounter ended abruptly, and left Meeka with many unanswered questions. Two weeks later Meeka took leave of her family in an attempt to quench her wanderlust and expand upon her newly discovered power.

Personal Characteristics Meeka is an interesting study of nature versus nurture. She is a gnome and a halfling, yet simultaneously neither. Like all creatures of the Feywild, she is touched by the beauty and majesty of arcane energy, and is infused with a measure of fantastic power. As a gnome, she is driven by curiosity and wanderlust. Having been raised by halflings, she maintains great courage (often not befitting her stature), a quick wit, and a very warm personality. She enjoys the simple pleasures of family, food, freedom, and affection. The rich halfling oral tradition is her oral tradition. She had been told she was a halfling all her life, and only recently became aware of gnomes and her own origin in the Feywild.

Meeka looks like a gnome in halfling clothing. She is 3’5” with a slight frame (only 60 pounds). She used to wear her long hair in traditional halfling style of complicated braiding and weaving. Early in her adventuring career she was forced to cut her luxurious hair short to avoid being recognized. Like her halfling sisters and brothers, she usually wears earth-tone clothes that match her surroundings. Her clothes tend to be of natural material. Her face is round and attractive, with a hint of childlike mischief. Her eyes are completely black, seeing as gnome pupils take up the entire eye. Her ears are pointed, but not pierced as is the vogue trend among halfling women.

Meeka is good aligned, and worships Sehanine (unaligned goddess). Although most other halflings in her clan worshiped Avandra, Meeka always loved the folktales of how Sheanine and Melora together created Halflings. The stories of these two strong goddesses letting their lust and creative power spill out upon each other captivated Meeka, and stirred her within. Sehanine is embodied in the moon, illusion, and sends shadows to embrace lovers. She is the goddess of both love and trickery. Meeka seeks to keep her tenets: follow your goals, keep to the shadows, and seek new experiences. Meeka is quite kind, protective, and enthusiastic. Yet she can also be skeptical, and sometimes bold to the point of recklessness.

Love interest Feyd Kasa: Despite early mistrust of the Abyssal-muttering tiefling, Meeka became quite enamored with Feyd. During her first visit to the temple of Sehanine in Eldmere, Meeka left one of Feyd’s old shirts as an offering at the alter, along with donations of flowers and coin. Apparently the goddess smiled upon her offerings, because it was not long before the pair exchanged a first kiss at the local inn. Their budding relationship was finally consummated during an extended stay in Icingdale. (Unbeknownst to the new couple, Meeka conceived while in Icingdale.)

Meeka’s worship of Sehanine has definitely colored her concepts of love. For her, true love is self-sacrificing, extremely private, and expects nothing in return. Meeka is consistently ready to put Feyd’s happiness and well-being above her own, even if it means helping him reunite with Flor, or temporarily “protecting him” from the knowledge of her pregnancy.

Current Goals Meeka seeks to discover more about the Feywild and her gnomish ancestry, particularly as it relates to the Order of the Cerulean Sign, and her inherent power over portals.

Meeka takes seriously the threat of the Great Old Ones, and as a good-aligned character, has embraced her role in combating them. Of particular concern is the White Serpent, and the threat he poses to both the party and her unborn child. Meeka is determined to fight the incursion of Old Ones into the mortal realm for as long as she is able.

Meeka’s more primitive and instinctual protective nature makes her care of both Feyd and their unborn child paramount. Meeka seeks to help Feyd confront and overcome his dark past, including Chakto, Flor, and his own demons. Her determination in keeping her daughter safe and secret is unmatched. Anyone – or anything – that poses a threat to either Feyd or the baby will be met with unparalleled retaliation.

Meeka Fuddlesplug

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