Dim-witted but lovable half-orc


Known characteristics:

Very dangerous to bloodied opponents; attacking such a weakened enemy renews his bloodthirst and gives more strength to his attacks

Retaliates with a powerful smash when struck in melee

Fond of bellowing warcries which renew his fighting vigor

Likes to hit people hello

Not very clever


Grubbak was the party’s jailor when they were imprisoned in the gladiatorial arenas of Riverhome. Through careful conversation, the party learned that he was only marginally freer than they; the town guards merely imprisoned Grubbak between the gladiatorial jails and the arena itself as a deterrent to escapees. Bara’zael convinced Grubbak that they could help fix his maimed arm in exchange for freedom, and even found him a job as a bodyguard for a goblin tribe. In a fortuitous twist of fate, the goblin tribe had long ago been infused with troll blood, granting them magical powers of regeneration but dulling their intellect. Grubbak sure couldn’t get any dumber, so he didn’t object to being infused with the goblin’s blood in a ritual which caused his maimed arm to magically regenerate! A veritable force to be reckoned with even when maimed and weaponless, Grubbak is now a nigh-unstoppable juggernaut that is difficult to put down permanently. A shame Burns Alive torched him with hellfire when he was down—one of the few things the Trollbloods can’t recover from. Now he is dead, but his memory will live on. Probably.


Facing the Faceless Amphiprison