Feyd Kasa

Ex-mercenary warlord with a dark past


Love interests: Once involved with ‘Honey Pit’ Flor, who has since taken up residence with Chakto Kasa. Currently involved with Meeka Fuddlesplug.

-Once served under Captain Skaion in a mercenary company

-Fought for the Imperial Guard in the Defense of Thyatis

-Brother to Chakto Kasa, psychopathic murderer extraordinaire; greatly fears that Chakto will escape the gladiatorial pits he is currently confined to and hunt him down

-Devotee of Pelor

-Known to have strange prolonged blackouts, mumbles Abyssal in the night, has trouble sleeping


-Get as far away from Chakto as possible

-Settle down with Meeka somewhere safe, start a family

-Resolve unsettled business with Flor. Specifically, Flor has begged him to kill Chakto so that they may both live in peace and safety.

Feyd Kasa

Facing the Faceless Amphiprison