Chakto Kasa

Half-brother, gladiator, sociopath


Chakto Kasa is Feyd’s half-brother and worst nightmare. Chakto had to raise Feyd after their mother died in childbirth. With Feyd being the only family Chakto knew, he gradually became so convinced that Feyd would die and leave him completely alone that he forbade Feyd to have emotional connections to anything other than Chakto, knowing those people would only betray and disappoint Feyd. Most notably, Chakto stole away Feyd’s lover, Harmony Flor, to the Underdark when Feyd joined a mercenary company.

Though the following events are unclear, they are the best guess as to what’s happened since then:

  • Chakto was kidnapped by the drow and Flor turned to whoring to support herself and stay close to Feyd.
  • Chakto was taken from the Underdark, accused of a gruesome triple murder, and sentenced to fight in the Riverhome arena as a consequence. There he fought dopplegangers coerced into resembling our intrepid band of heroes, only to realize that the Feyd doppleganger was an imposter when it attacked him.
  • Flor escaped the Underdark to find Feyd and warn him about Chakto, knowing that neither she nor Feyd would be safe as long as Chakto was free.
  • Chakto is no longer in the Riverhome arena. He was last seen entering the portal to Burns Alive’s inner sanctum, searching for Feyd…

Chakto is known to be utterly without mercy for anyone who would threaten Feyd. He is renowned in the gladiatorial ring for wielding two lengths of viciously barbed chain, which he uses to flay, drag, and garrote his opponents in needlessly bloody displays. He trained as a ranger early in life, and there is little doubt that he will put his considerable skills in tracking and hunting to use in finding his beloved half-brother.

Chakto Kasa

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