Burns Alive

Psychotic warlock devoted to Asmodeus


A pitiable creature who has paved himself a path to Asmodeus with his good intentions, Burns has proven willing to sacrifice anything to achieve his ends. Burns’ greatest ambition is to provide safety for his tribe and the people he cares about, but will they accept the kind of safety the Lord of Devils can provide? After rediscovering and then imprisoning his drow mentor, Burns became increasingly unstable…

Burns Alive has sold his soul to Asmodeus, and has done terrible things in the name of bringing safety and strength to his people. Among other things, he has:

-Cut off his own foot and put a huge rabbit’s foot in its place

-Locked a Great Old One in the crippled form of the goblin shaman of his tribe

-Trapped his drow mentor in an unbreakable magic circle

-Slain the Eldest of the Ta’reed tribe

-Exiled Shea’gor Ta’reed for ‘consorting with infidels’

-Labeled his former allies as infidels among the Ta’reed tribe

-Turned Grubbak against the party through unknown means

-Promised Asmodeus ‘anything’ in order to keep the party alive in a particularly dangerous situation

-Other deeds yet unrevealed…

Burns Alive

Facing the Faceless Amphiprison