Barazael Ra'Ghaz

A young Dragonborn paladin of the Raven Queen


STR 16 CON 16 DEX 10 INT 11 WIS 14 CHA 17

AC 25

Wields the Skullhammer – +2 Resounding Warhammer


The firstborn son of Tsaraghaz Ra’Ghaz, a retired mercenary, Barazael came into the world on a quiet farm in rural Thyatis. Young Bara matured into a simple-minded and honest whelp, his maturity quickened by the death of his beloved mother during the birth of his younger brother, Eikora. This loss took a heavy toll on both Barazael and his father, and for some months Tsaraghaz was aided through his grief by his former commander, mercenary Captain Kael Fellomen, and the Captain’s companion Half-Blood Sally. During this time, Sally acted as a mother figure towards Barazael, and brought him to the faith of the Raven Queen. Living in such a rural area of Thyatis prevented the budding initiate from any real formal training, and as such he is mostly a self-taught Paladin, learning what he could from Sally, and of his people’s own special rituals from his father.

Growing up on the farm, Barazael balanced his responsibilities well; helping his father tend the livestock and raise his little brother, study and prayer in his faith, and practice with weapons. Gifted with a Skullhammer, a ritualistic warhammer used in Dragonborn funeral rites, Barazael devoted much of his spare time to learning to wield the ancestral weapon. Often he would sneak away at night to a clearing deep in the forest, to meet up with another local youngster with great ambition for adventure. A spry Kobold whelp who called himself Iforani had stumbled across the burly Dragonborn youth one evening, in a duel with a makeshift training dummy, and the two became fast friends and sparring partners. They played at being adventurers, exploring the nearby woodlands and battling pretend beasts.

One evening, while daring the depths of an old cave in the forest, Barazael became separated from his friend, calling out into the darkness. And the Darkness answered back. The voice of the deep earth spoke to Barazael in rumbling tones of primal terror, it knew him and it knew his name. Upon returning home, shaken and terrified, Barazael told his father of his experience, and learned the awful meaning behind it. Tsaraghaz granted his eldest son an ancient book, carefully passed down through a thousand years, that chronicled the secret shame of the Ra’Ghaz clan. Somewhere in the great frozen North, at the edge of the shattered remnants of the once-mighty Dragonborn empire, lay a temple where an Elder Evil slumbered fitfully, threatening to awaken after a nearly-expired thousand years. Because of his ancestor’s cowardice in failing to help his kin imprison the Old One, the family kept a journal of information that could keep the dreaded entity bound and slumbering after the thousand year period had passed, handed down for generations until the right hero arose to finish the job and clear the tarnished name of the clan.

With this new knowledge, and trusting in his brother Eikora’s ability to help his father with the farm, Barazael left for the more civilized areas of the nation, joining up with the Thyatian Guard. There he met Feyd Kasa, and the two became friends, serving in the Guard for some time. The adventure was only beginning..

Love Interests- Barazael embraced the Raven Queen in an odd fashion, in his own words [with a gruff, rustic accent] “I figure you could die any moment, so I reckon you might as well enjoy what life the Queen gives ya, right? Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrer we die!” As such, his feats of whoring are infamous. However, the boisterous Paladin came across Shea’gor Ta’reiyd, a Dragonborn of a northern tribe, who asked him to send her prematurely to the Raven Queen as she could not cope with the shame and heartbreak of losing her young to the harsh conditions of life in her tribe. Rather than simply kill the attractive woman, Barazael suggested a better solution, of raising another brood with his “help.” The soft-hearted Paladin quickly fell for Shea’gor, and plans to earn the respect of her tribe and ask her hand in marriage.

Goals- *As previously mentioned, earning the honour of marrying Shea’gor Ta’reiyd *Restoring honour to his tribe, the Ra’Ghaz clan, by stopping the evil they failed to help imprision a thousand years ago *Atone for transgressions against his beloved goddess, the Raven Queen, performed in a bout of maddening grief and rage

Other Fun Facts- Barazael’s primary breath attack is a frosty blast of ice, but when he is brought to anger, sometimes he erupts in a gout of blistering fire. His younger brother Eikora also breathes fire, and uses it frequently in his profession as the local blacksmith.

Barazael Ra'Ghaz

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