Facing the Faceless

The Story So Far...

When first we meet our intrepid heroes…

Currently Barazael Ra’Ghaz, Feyd Kasa, Meeka Fuddlesplug, and Nahor Ta’reed find themselves in an abandoned shrine to the Dark Devourer, about to confront their onetime ally, Burns Alive. They have been dogged by legion devils and gnolls, alternately, and most recently forced to fight a beloved friend, Grubbak. In a cruel turn of events, Burns had discreetly deafened Grubbak so he could not understand their offers of friendship and sewn his mouth shut so he could not make himself understood except through inarticulate cries of pain and rage.

Meanwhile, Ruinavor Rim’Radverbunusto has taken refuge in Icingdale with his three children, pending a solution to a tricky situation in Thyatis proper—while fleeing the city guards, his wife instead chose to run to the guards, claiming she and her children were being kidnapped.



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