Facing the Faceless

Orduval Vice

Blood and Rubies in the House of the Desperate

Our intrepid band of heroes, after stopping in Icingdale, portaled to Eldmere on route through the Fortress to the duchy of Orduval. Upon arriving, they received word that the only disturbance of the magic circle was a tiefling who said he was looking for Feyd Kasa, saying he was family, and upon hearing that Feyd had traveled through the portal to, presumably, the inner sanctum of Burns Alive! The ramifications were frightening, and the party agreed to table that for now in favor of traveling to Orduval.

Ruinavor Rim’Radverbunusto (or a doppelganger clone) founded a temple to Kord with a substantial donation while Barazael Ra’Ghaz (or a doppelganger clone) made a donation of his own, both in money and time spent educating Deathspeaker Ven (or a doppelganger clone) on the basics of the Skullbreaker tradition of serving the Raven Queen. Meanwhile, Meeka Fuddlesplug (or a doppelganger clone) along with Feyd Kasa (or a doppelganger clone) visited the temple of Sehanine, specifically one Acolyte Meara, who was showing by now and conspicuously consuming meat of all kinds and flavors, including raw. Meara was not exactly happy to see Meeka bring with her the father she had sworn to keep the pregnancy a secret from, but that could perhaps be construed to her pregnancy and resultant mood swings.

Ven was having difficulties of a different nature. When dragonborn started coming to his temple, the humans stopped going, apparently due to some bad blood between the humans and the dragonborn. The dragonborn worshipping in the temple seemed indifferent to their conquerors, but the human Bara questioned about it seemed pretty bitter over the casualties incurred during the conquest of Altmere. Out of concern for Ruinavor’s reputation and his budding temple or for the potential competition, Ven denied Ruinavor permission to sleep in the primitive trappings of his own temple. Trouble brews…

The party contracted with Patrick Logsplitter of the Logsplitter Trading Co. to travel to Orduval. The travel itself was uneventful, but the Orduval guards were ubiquitous and paranoid, making progress within the duchy a needless hassle. Once within the ducal seat, the party had to travel through the acres of shantytowns and diseased, starving masses surrounding the city in order to reach Consulate Barney.

Barney was glad to see the party, and surprisingly frank with them regarding his proposal: In exchange for clearing House Orduval’s name in the killings of the Niyati nobles, Barney would make the party’s own legal problems disappear. He’s not picky about how it happens, and doesn’t want to know if House Orduval is truly at fault, but has a feeling that House Orduval isn’t really involved. He makes a very convincing argument, and comes across as a citizen concerned about his people, if not necessarily the methods required to help them. Indeed, he seems eager to help but reluctant to know the details about much of anything, preferring to work through contacts rather than risk his own neck.

The party agreed to the proposal, and will be rewarded with a clear legal name, plus potential material rewards if things go better than expected. Barney didn’t know anything about Sally Half-Blood’s mother, Diana of Three Forks, but offered to let the PCs know if anything came up.

The details surrounding the murders are vague and often conflicting. According to the official story, given by House Niyati but largely uncorrorobated by official Imperial scribes, Content Not Found: Chakto escaped gladiatorial enslavement in the Underdark with the aid of House Orduval to murder three Niyati nobles with knives, and then returned to the Underdark to lay low. However, the sociopathic tiefling is known to favor lengths of spiked chain, not knives. Furthermore, it’s difficult to imagine why House Orduval would go to such lengths to hire the relatively unknown Chakto as an assassin, or why he might then consider the realm of his former captors as a safe refuge.

Finally, the shadow of the Children of the Many looms large over events past and present: Who’s setting up whom for what, and why? Is House Niyati infiltrated by dopplegangers? Or perhaps House Orduval? Is Barney a shapeshifter, or Chakto? Or Feyd? Is EVERYBODY? It’s up to none other than our intrepid band of heroes to discover the truth behind the thick and tangled web of deceit surrounding these events…


(or a doppleganger clone)... I loathe you so much right now.

Orduval Vice

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