Facing the Faceless

If You Hate Somebody

Better Set Them on Fire

In a tense meeting with nobles from House Orduval, our intrepid band of heroes managed to discern the House’s true intent- to obtain the halfling-forged Sword of Banishing and find a way to reverse its effects, to return the tome to this world! Since the halfling sword had no such magical effects, the party had little trouble handing it over in exchange for Half-Blood Sally’s mother… only to find that the nobles were just as crafty! They received not one, but four Diyanas, each identical and each swearing to be Sally’s mother. Meeka Fuddlesplug incautiously took the hand of one of the impostors, and outraged by this indiscretion the nobles attacked our heroes! Ferdinand the Inconceivable unleashed magical blasts of unspeakable energies while the trophy displacer beast ran wild on the party and the nobles used their daggers to good advantage.

The party won the day, however, setting the Noble’s Largesse on fire in the process. They attempted to flee, only to find the side exits wreathed in flames. The main door was barred, but lo- in the nick of time, the bars were lifted by none other than Chakto Kasa, Feyd Kasa’s murderous and sociopathic half-brother!

With Chakto’s dubious aid, the party fled into the sewers beneath Orduval, where they found only a letter of thanks, a dagger, and a still-writhing tongue. Well, okay, not just that- after consuming one of the magical fruits, Feyd noticed a corpse floating in the muck not far from the party! The corpse, missing its left hand and possessing an onyx where its left eye should have been, stirred when Feyd attempted to remove said gem, revealing itself to be a servitor of the unnamed, true masters of House Orduval. It seems the nobles were duly impressed with the party’s willingness to murder the ‘traitors’, and saw fit to reward the PCs with clearing their legal names and granting a boon- the tongue, which bears magical properties. As disturbed as our heroes were by being rewarded by agents of evil, they refrained from slaughtering the pathetic undead outright. In return, the undead promised to lead them out of the sewers… only to sink completely into the muck, through an underwater passage certainly impossible for any living creature!

Thus outwitted, the party reluctantly created a portal to Eldmere, where they were accosted by not one religious order but three- the Pelorite Order of the Cleansing Flame was now accompanied by dragonborn servants of Kord and Skullbreakers of the Raven Queen! Apparently, the steady stream of demons from the portal has suddenly halted, and each religious order has their own opinions on the matter. All expect the heroes to rule in their own favor, but none trust the others. How will our intrepid band of heroes reconcile these competing factions? Where has Chakto gone, or the stream of demons for that matter? And more importantly, when will our heroes wash off the terrible stink of the sewers of Orduval?



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