Facing the Faceless

Friends Old And New

After surviving death and the Shadowfell, our band of intrepid heroes quickly caught on that Timmy, the small one-eyed eel fisherman, was not what he seemed. This was roughly the same time that a handful of horrid things from the Far Realm literally dropped out of the sky and began doing their best to slice open and devour our brave heroes! Timmy doused himself in eel’s blood and dove into the murk while the party fended off the invaders. After a lengthy battle in which Timmy participated mainly by firing eldritch blasts from a safe distance, the party tickled the poor lad until he revealed his true nature: A demon lord, exiled from the Abyss!

Timmy also revealed that Burns Alive is in a similar situation: He is also possessed by a demon lord, none other than Asmodeus himself. Timmy bore no love for Asmodeus and even less for the Elder Things, yet was powerless in his seven-year-old’s form to do much about it. He offered the PCs a great boon in exchange for his safety: Asmodeus’ true name! With it, the demon lord could be bound to a contract for a year and a day… but promising “Timmy’s” safety proved troublesome. While Barazael Ra’Ghaz and Nahor Ta’reed were more than willing to swear a blood oath to the exiled demon lord, Meeka Fuddlesplug and Feyd Kasa were reluctant. Feyd gave him a mere gold piece, while Meeka swore by her faith in Sehanine.

Not wanting to stick around to experience Daerendilian hospitality once again, the party promptly traveled by portal to Icingdale. There, they reunited with Ruinavor Rim’Radverbunusto, who informed them that House Orduval was willing to let bygones be bygones, sending a hefty gem along as proof of their benign intent. Bara’zael, as well, learned from an ex-Fellomen mercenary that they had had strange dealings in the ducal city of Orduval, and were urged on by none other than Half-Blood Sally. The PCs, while suspicious of Orduval’s intentions, quickly began to surmise they might be able to kill two birds with one stone by visiting the ill-omened duchy: Unravel the mysteries surrounding Orduval, and locate Sally’s mother so Bara’zael can make the proper atonements to the Raven Queen.

Upon learning from Nahor that Bara’zael had openly challenged the Firebringer where none else in the Ta’reed clan would, Shea’gor acknowledged that she had earned the respect of the Ta’reed—at least, the respect of the only Ta’reed who were free from the Firebringer’s influence. She admitted that her tribe had tacitly accepted the demonic mentor as a means to survive in the Frozen Wastes, and regretted that she had not done more to oppose the Firebringer. Now, in order to be honorably wed, she need only earn the respect of the Ra’ghaz clan, which ought to prove an easy enough task!



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