Facing the Faceless

Darkness Falls

Sunset in Orduval

After making some connections in the underworld thanks to Ruinavor Rim’Radverbunusto delivering a quick Rochambo to a jealous former colleague, Ferdinand the Inconceivable, the party rounded up a hefty dose of ‘spice’ to bribe Angry Joey with about the murders. Angry Joey didn’t like to meet guests without an appointment, sending the angry ogre Stuie after the party, but once it became obvious the heroes had gotten hold of some spice he was much more talkative. Angry Joey revealed the true corpse of the Baron who had died, from which Meeka Fuddlesplug unscrupulously stole a finger from. Turns out the Baron’s death truly was a setup job—he died of some rare goblin disease rather than the knife wounds as claimed by the Niyati. Angry Joey had also received the fourth changeling as a matter of trade, and gave it up freely once he saw it dissolve into a worthless bag of sticks and leaves.

In return for the fourth changeling, the demented gnome ‘grew’ the party a new ritual book, plus some extra gifts for participating in her prank. After some more needlessly cryptic comments, the party departed that nook of the Feywild to return to Consulate Barney. Barney was quite miffed that our intrepid band of heroes had made his life more difficult by angering Ferdinand, but was relieved to receive the finger and poison as evidence. He informed them that one of the enigmatic Orduval nobles had become interested in helping their investigation, and invited them to a meeting at the Noble’s Largesse, one of the upper-crust banquet halls.

Meanwhile, Meeka Fuddlesplug contacted Chakto Kasa with a sending ritual mentioning that Feyd Kasa was in Orduval. The responses were not encouraging. The party decided to take Angry Joey up on his previous offer to get them an invite to meet up with the buyer of Sally Half-Blood’s mother… but he said they were already meeting up! Trouble brews quickly, and many things promise to come to a head when the party faces the mysterious hooded nobles of Orduval…


“the true corpse of the Baron who had died, from which Meeka Fuddlesplug unscrupulously stole a finger from”...

I think you mean “from which Meeka Fuddlesplug AWESOMELY stole a finger from.”

Darkness Falls

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