Facing the Faceless

A New Beginning

Mind-expanding drugs for everyone!

Our intrepid band of heroes met in the unlikely village of Karabshai, in the duchy of Niyati. Returning from a minor but profitable errand for the Niyati nobles, two gnomes stopped at Karabshai before continuing on. They were surprised to find a farmer’s hovel bustling with activity, its windows covered with felt. There was some initial awkwardness regarding the gnomes’ perceived caste—Niyati adventurers normally do not mix with the Dajit, or ‘untouchables’—but once the gnomes showed that they considered the Dajit their equals, the gnomes were uncommonly well received.

It was very dark in the hovel—candles the only light source—and sitting on the low benches, the gnomes felt the crowd move. Some subtle, foreign dance was being performed, quietly enough to avoid the attention of the higher castes. A ramshorn was being passed from villager to villager, and when it came to the gnome artificer, he discovered a glowing violet liquid within. Not wishing to offend the locals, he drank from the ramshorn- only to find that others were only inhaling the fumes from the potent beverage! He quickly lapsed into a psychedelic trance, where even the guttering candles shone bright as day, and he babbled incoherently about visions and prophecy. Alarmed, his sister tried to subtly make her way out of the village, but the drugged artificer lurched into the street and threw himself under a wagon, wearing the rags of the Dajit. A guard on patrol promptly dragged him out and took his coin pouch, reasoning that Dajit were not permitted to own anything… but the gnome’s sister adroitly convinced the guard that her brother was simply drunk and foolish, and that they were merely searching for a coin pouch she had dropped. The guard sternly recommended they stay inside- that the streets could be dangerous after dark. The gnomes returned to the nicer inn…

...The artificer’s mad visions continued, however, and he could not sleep for the blazing starlight that streamed in through the barred window. His sister went to close the window, and she heard a terrible commotion. She tossed a sunrod down, and what she saw chilled her to the bone: Undead Dajit being hacked apart by the Niyati guards! A guard swiftly strode towards the sunrod and threw a sack over it, covering its light, but not before looking up at the window it came from. Moments later, a loud knocking on the door of their inn room grew to a thunderous pounding—zombies assaulted their room! The gnomes clearly recognized the strongest zombie as being the barkeep from the farmer’s tavern… clearly something was awry in the village! Shortly after the zombies were dispatched, the guards rushed in, apologized for the disturbance, and urged the gnomes to stay indoors and not arouse the undead further with use of bright lights. Dismayed but too tired to disagree, the gnomes conceded to the guards and tried to sleep the rest of the night away…


Ok, this is from several weeks ago… if I get any details wrong, or you want to add any names, comment here and I’ll update it as needed. :)

A New Beginning

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